TIROL doo with headquarters in Tuzla at ul. Aleja Alija Izetbegovića br. 4, 75000 Tuzla, was founded in 2016 and the main activity in the beginning was the design of electrical installations and supervision over the performance of electrical installations of high current. As of 2017, Tirol Ltd. d.o.o. Tuzla changes the company’s policy and expands its business for three more services:

The company’s policy is to base our services on the aforementioned services in the future so that we can be recognized on the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina with our quality, because we sincerely hope that we can offer our customers high-quality solutions.

We are currently active throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina in the area of ​​design and supervision.

The company has the following licenses:

In addition to the design and supervision services mentioned above, we focused on the development of Low Voltage 0,4 kV high-current power plants for distribution transformer stations with rated currents of 6300A and short-circuit current of 150kA.

Low voltage installations work with the world’s largest manufacturers Schneider Electric and Ritall.

In addition to the large distribution low-voltage installations, we are also producing cassette MCC plants and all other types of distribution cabinets.

We design the design with the following software tools: